Common questions about hypnosis for smoking

What do you do? How does this work?

We’ve got two parts to our minds – the thinking, acting conscious mind and the emotional, imaginative, habitual unconscious mind. When you’re deeply relaxed I can talk with the unconscious mind and change the way it thinks – easily and permanently. 

Good question! Almost everyone can be hypnotised. Some people pride themselves on not being hypnotisable. Which is silly, really – as all you need is the desire to be hypnotised, an IQ of at least 80 and the ability to follow instructions.

Most people experience a calm state of deep relaxation. For some it can feel like they’re drifting off to sleep (although it’s NOT sleep) – for others it’s a relaxed awareness. And you’re always in control! 

No way! You are in complete control. I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. This is why I ask my clients to be at least a 9 out of 10 in their desire to give up their habit. (No clucking like a chook or anything else that would embarrass you – you’re here to stub out a habit, not behave like a dill!)

Whatever you want! You’ll have more time and energy to do the things you really want to. One of the things we’ll talk about it the new habits you’d like to put in place.
So some clients decide to walk more or go to the gym. They want to drink more water, or eat more healthy fruits and vegetables. Some read more or spend more quality time with their families. Some decide to try something new, like yoga or cycling. Whatever ‘health’ or ‘happiness’ or ‘success’ means to them! 

Gaining your health, your confidence, your pride and a sense of control over your own life are all priceless. And for many people the rate of a session to end the habit once and for all is made up for in a few short weeks of no longer buying cigarettes. I charge just $475 for the session, which takes about an hour and a half.

Sometimes there is a conflict in the mind that prevents us being entirely successful in one session, or people have a stressful event in their lives and find themselves back smoking again. There’s no shame in that – and if you’re willing to explore whatever is holding you back, then you’re welcome to come in for another session for just $190. The majority of my clients are successful in that initial session, though – so keep that in mind! 

Call the office on 1300 932 214 to set up an appointment. (We’ll do our best to get you in quickly!) We’ll send you a form to fill out before your appointment and arrange your installment. Then you’ll come in, relax, and stub out the old habit – once and for all!

It's easier than you think to quit smoking

I’ve crafted and polished what I say so precisely that it takes just 90 minutes for you to walk out of my office as a non-smoker.