“IT WORKS! Forty years of smoking and in 90 minutes I became a non-smoker. It has now been 6 months of clean living. I was a bit tentative about this idea but thought I had little to lose by trying. I did not have the will-power to do this on my own and hypnosis was my last option. 

Michelle is such a wonderful person to work with. Meeting her and sharing with her was so comfortable from the start and right through the whole process. She listens carefully and truly understands. It was such an easy session, but such amazing results. Thank You Michelle.

For what this one session cost I recouped by not purchasing cigarettes. I feel great, have felt improved fitness, don’t smell of smoke and am not a social outcast. I also feel that I have so much more time – everything I do is not bookended by stopping for a smoke. There are a very few times that I have this whisper of a feeling to have a smoke, but it disappeared as quickly.

I am still astounded that a lifetime addiction can be stopped in 90 minutes! I actually enjoyed talking with Michelle and felt so comfortable throughout – warm, friendly and totally understanding. If you are at all thinking about trying hypnosis, and really do want to quit – GO FOR IT.

My only regret…why not many years ago. I am healthy, save money and totally in control. Great work Michelle – maybe a life saver”

~Jo Southbank

“I left Michelle’s office and haven’t had a craving since! She is exceptional at what she does and put any doubts I had out out of my mind. I can only describe the whole experience as Extraordinary! I am now a non smoker.”

~Anna Albion

“I HAD been a smoker for in excess of 35 years, with an average 50 smoke a day habit, yep first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
In early March of this year on a whim I contacted Michelle to really make an effort to quit.
I remember one of the funniest, yet sadist things was that she heard me lighting a smoke whilst we were discussing a booking time and my commitment to give up, yep an in-grained habit of making or answering the phone I need a smoke! We settled on the 25th of March so I had a good 2 weeks to really smoke it up, that date was “Good Friday” or my doctor tells me “Great Friday”. 

I can honestly say the amount of work Michelle puts in prior to the session to understand the root cause is outstanding and the real game changer.
Needless to say it is now November and I haven’t once remotely felt like a smoke since – my wife and son still smoke in front of me and that doesn’t have an impact – I have traveled OS on party hard weekends and NO slip ups, because I am now a “Life long NON Smoker” and trust me you can be too – give it a go and be committed!
Thank you once again Michelle.”

~Robert Bentleigh

“Michelle is amazing!! I have been a long term smoker who has given up many times. Michelle’s style and approach really works and I would recommend her to anyone.”

~Dave Hampton

“Thanks Michelle, one session and I’m free again and staying that way. If you want to give up smoking, go and see Michelle, because it works. 

At 53 yo and being back on the smokes for 9 years, it was taking it’s toll on me. I had the only pre-requisite for being successful – I genuinely wanted to stop. 

One appointment with Michelle and I walked out a non-smoker. You are not giving it up, you are giving it away, so you come out a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker.

Within a week I’d been out on two big nights on the town and not even looking like having a cigarette. No cravings or withdrawals, no bad moods, none of the bad stuff. 

I simply walked out not needing or wanting a smoke. I have been hypnotised before (30 years ago) and knew it was going to work.

Over two weeks now and I’m saving a fortune, sleeping better, back at martial arts training, in the gym and on the bike every day, losing weight toning up and it’s not even an effort. 

Michelle does a one-on-one session, it’s al over in about 90 minutes. Do yourself a favour, go and see Michelle armed with a genuine desire to stop smoking and walk out that day as a non-smoker. If you are motivated, you will succeed. Just remember, you cant have just one, ever. It doesn’t work that way. Good luck!””

~David Surrey Hills

“Just a quick note to thank you for helping me stop smoking. After 39 years of abusing my body with cigarette smoke, I can finally say I am a non-smoker and loving it…. all thanks to YOU!
I really enjoyed my hypnotherapy session and walked out of your office more relaxed and confident to finally beat the habit for good; and my cravings were instantly gone!
I am really enjoying my freedom and I am so happy that I am no longer a smoker. I sincerely recommend you to anyone who wishes to give up smoking for life.”

~Zed St Kilda

“I became a non-smoker in 90 minutes – Michelle is a miracle worker – cannot thank her enough!!!!”

~Nicola Ascot Vale

“For 20 years I have tried many ways to stop smoking including hypnotherapy – twice. The first time it didn’t work at all; the second time I was smoking again within two months. I decided it had to be will power or nothing and last year I had cut my smoking down to 1-2 per day. But I still couldn’t stop altogether, so I started thinking about hypnotherapy again, and someone recommended Michelle. 

Michelle was totally understanding and supportive. Before the session she asked me to fill out an e-mail form to provide personal information to help her tailor the session to my personal needs. This approach made a huge difference – I found it much easier to relax into a deep hypnotic state, to let go of my need to keep smoking and to start living as a non-smoker.

I recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to give up smoking; especially if you have been unsuccessful with hypnosis before. Michelle’s approach is unique – and it works!!!”

~Carolyn Footscray

“Today I celebrate my 1 year anniversary of quitting smoking!! I feel great and have had absolutely no temptation to smoke at all in this year.
Once again I thank Michelle for a wonderful service.”

~Jo Southbank

“Hi Michelle, I am still a non-smoker and very happy about that. I am really grateful to you for your help as the session has been effective in quenching cravings and just basically making it something that doesn’t need to be in my life.
I am not complacent, knowing that it is an addiction that forms part of my past, but I am keen for a non-smoking future.
I am also up to 16km running which I couldn’t have done so I have focus and purpose.
Thank you again. You have 100% made a difference.”

~Kerri Edithvale

“I had been a smoker for over 20 years and towards the last 5 years of my smoking life, I would consume 30 cigarettes per day. Both my parents passed away from cancer related diseases and I felt it was time to drop this terrible addiction!

Although I knew this addiction was causing me harm, I had failed in my numerous attempts to quit until I met Michelle almost 2 years ago. Feb 23rd 2013 will be my 2 year anniversary as a non smoker.

Michelle made me feel comfortable and the entire process was extremely easy. I have and will continue recommending Michelle’s services to my friends and family. I found her to be personable, honest and passionate about helping people achieve their respective goals and outcomes.”

~Dennis Port Melbourne

“Hi Michelle, I am still a non-smoker and very happy about that. I am really grateful to you for your help as the session has been

“I had a hypnotherapy session with you two years ago for smoking……I haven’t had one since!! I have also recommended that a few people go to you, who also have not had another cigarette after seeing you.

I have just finished a hypnotherapy course at the Academy of Hypnotic Science (your hypnotherapy inspired my choice to study this modality) and I have studied a few other hypnotherapists that offer quit smoking therapy, but I think the way you conduct the therapy far out-weighs anything I have come across.

I just want to thank you for giving me my life back and for the inspiration!”

~Julee Winsor

“It was a great experience. It was not only effective but very relaxing as well. Have been cigarette free for 6 months now. I would highly recommend it.”

~Alex Park Orchards

“I was a smoker for nearly 20 years and with the upcoming birth of my first child I decided now was as good a time as any to try and quit for good this time. I’ve tried to quit lots of times before (willpower, patches, gum, vape) but always ended up having “one” and then quickly becoming addicted again.
I decided to pursue hypnosis as an option after hearing a few stories of success from friends and reading about it online. I decided to go with Michelle after finding her online with a google search.
The whole process was really simple. I was sceptical that hypnosis would work on me but in no time I was in a deep state of relaxation and Michelle began working on my subconscious mind. I really enjoyed it and found it incredibly relaxing. It was like a mediation session in a good way. Once we were done I immediately discarded my cigarettes and lighter and I haven’t touched one since the session.
It’s only been 2 and a half weeks but I still haven’t touched a cigarette. I still do find myself triggered in some situations, but Michelle has provided me with several tools and visual aids I can draw on whenever I get a craving and when using these they quickly pass. I’m feeling great so far and determined to quit for good this time. Michelle is excellent at what she does, and I would highly recommend her services. Will come back here and review in another 6 months I’m sure I’ll be a successful happy non-smoker.”

~Chris Flemington

“It was a great experience. It was not only effective but very relaxing as well. Have been cigarette free for 6 months now. I would

“Michelle, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that it’s almost 4 weeks after our hypnosis session and I am cigarette free and loving it!

I thought it would be difficult, but I haven’t had one craving since coming to see you and I haven’t gone through the binge eating stage of stacking on the kilos either.

I have been recommending you to other people and telling them that quitting with you makes it easy. I hope for their sake they book!”

~Ben Black Rock

“I just wanted to thank you for my session, and let you know that today marks 3 weeks smoke free! I won’t lie, I have had one while drinking last weekend, but apart from that it’s been so easy to just say no, and the cravings have completely diminished. Even after that one cigarette I had, I really regretted it and I think it helped me even more to realise how much I don’t miss it. 

Thank you for your help!! I have recommended you to all my smoking friends for when they decide they are ready to give up like I have!”

~Jayden Caulfield

“Michelle was great to listen too. Very Professional approach and I would highly recommend. I feel so much better without smoking.”

~Bart Balaclava

“I was just tidying up some old emails and thought I’d let you know it’s been 57 days now. That’s just past the 8 week mark and still going strong. It’s officially the longest time I have ever been a non-smoker since I started the filthy habit 20 years ago.

I rarely think about cigarettes now, something I couldn’t ever imagine before! And I must say the midwives and my doula are mightily impressed. (As I’m sure is my growing little bump who thanks you profusely).

I am recommending you to all my smoking friends. Thank you!”

~Danielle Brunswick

“Michelle you bloody legend thank you so much for your help. 3 weeks on and no urge or craving for smoking. I am a 26 year old and I am around smokers all the time. And the weird thing is I don’t have a need or a want for a smoke. I (was) a pack and a half a day for 11 years so all jokes aside I loved my smoko breaks. Not anymore. Honesty I am very grateful I found Michelle.”

~Luka Endeavour Hills

“As promised, I am writing to you to update you on my progress. With a new year it’s always nice to reflect on your achievements from the previous year and my biggest one for 2014 is quitting smoking. 

When I made the appointment with you, I was far from convinced that this will be my solution – the ‘quick fix’ I had been searching for. On my way into your office, I smoked 3 cigarettes in a row (just in case it worked). When I threw my cigarettes into your bin before the session, I still wasn’t convinced it would work. Then the hypnosis began. It was not what I was expecting. I heard everything you said. I listened carefully and understood the instructions but was still critical and unsure how your words could possibly change my life and help me quit smoking once and for all. 

I am very pleased to report, thanks to you and your words, I have the ‘quick fix’ I needed. I have not only quit smoking but I am now motivating others to do the same. 

What surprised me the most was not the health improvements, not the extra money I had in my wallet but it was the happiness that came with what I call my extra brain space. Now that I am not constantly thinking about my next cigarette or do I need to buy another packet or do I need to spray perfume to cover up the smell etc etc.. I have time to think about the things that are most important to me. What I need out of my day or my life. How I can be a better friend or family member. This year was the best Christmas in my adult memory as I wasn’t searching for excuses to run off and hide to have a cigarette. My relationships have improved because I am simply more present. 

And for me, my creative side is flourishing and I am working on a number of new projects. I am seeking new job opportunities because I feel I am more confident than ever to be able to explore my interests and build on my career. I now have the motivation I have been searching for my entire adult life. 

So Michelle, thank you. You have helped me change my life forever and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

~Meg Prahran

“I made an appointment as a decade long smoker who was a cynic of Hypnotism. Not only did I stop smoking immediately, I subconsciously forgot that I was ever a smoker even when surrounded by them. Michelle also used a technique in our session which aided me in other health interests as opposed to just smoking. Cynic no more & reaping the benefits.”

~Tyson Watsonia

“It still seems too good to be true that in only one session I had stopped smoking & haven’t in the almost two years looked back, especially considering I’m always around my friends who all smoke.

Since our session my health has improved & the money that I have saved is amazing. I’m so happy I was referred to you, you truly have changed my life for the better.

Thank you so much Michelle.”

~Kelly Melton

“After smoking for around 13 years and trying to kick the habbit for around 7, I contacted Michelle as she was located close to my office and after reviewing her website it sounded she had a logical approach to the therapy (in lieu of a ‘spiritual’ approach that I am fairly cynical of). Michelle helped me focus on the reasons I wanted to quit and the therapay was very relaxing, not what I was expecting but really easy. It has been 6 months now and I haven’t had any considerable cravings. Really happy with the therapy, thanks Michelle!!!”

~Oli Highett

“Michelle was great to listen too. Very Professional approach and I would highly recommend. I feel so much better without smoking.”

~Vince Port Melbourne

“Being a smoker for 25 years I had attempted unsuccessfully to quit on a couple of occasion using patches. As much as i enjoyed smoking, I felt and knew it was time to quit for a multitude of reasons. I decided to pursue hypnosis as an option and found Michelle online and decided to call to make an appointment. I found Michelle professional and easy to talk to and clearly very knowledgeable about the process of quitting through hypnosis. The whole process, once providing Michelle with all the information she required was simple. I walked into the session with a packet of smokes and lighter in my pocket, upon leaving I found it simple to get rid of both. I have now been a non smoker for nearly 12 months and know that it’s a habit I wont return too.”

~Cameron Berwick

“It’s 12 months today since I had a smoke. I’m still spun out by how easy it was. I’m heaps fitter and a lot happier without them. Just thought I’d let you know. Thanks again mate.”

~Simon Collingwood

“I used to be a pack a day smoker. I had been smoking on and off since the age of 15. I tried patches and other pharmacy products to give up but they never really helped mentally.

After a cigarette I would hate the way my clothes smelt, my hair & my hands. Sometimes when I hadn’t had a cigarette in a while and someone would walk past me who had just had a cigarette, you could smell it & it did NOT smell good & I would think to myself “Wow, that’s how bad I smell just after a cigarette!!!”

Michelle was very easy to talk to and understood what challenges smokers have when trying to give up. I spent time on the phone with Michelle even before meeting her and could really sense that she cares. Michelle also discussed tips which helped me prepare for my appointment with her. It left me with such a good impression of what was to come during our session.

After our session I left her office and never touched another cigarette! I also recommended her to someone else I knew who was a heavy smoker and he has stopped as well.

The way I look at it and what I tell people…..You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving Michelle a go, well the only thing you will lose is the addiction to smoking!”

~Isabel South Melbourne

Let’s work together on you becoming a happy healthy non smoker