About Quitting

The Truth


Most smokers are really good at quitting – they do it all the time! But quitting and staying quit are two separate matters.

The majority of smokers want to stub out the habit. And they have lots of good reasons to give it up – current health, fear for their future health, being a social outcast and missing out on romantic possibilities. Then there’s the smell, the inconvenience, feeling controlled, being a negative influence on their kids, or future infertility.

To say nothing of the money! Smoking is expensive! A recent survey reported the average Australian smoker spends over $300,000 on that habit in their lifetime. Wouldn’t you rather have that money in your pocket?

Give yourself a pay rise – around $4000 a year – year in, year out – just by stubbing out the habit! And if you stop smoking – right now – you start adding years to your life – healthy, quality years!

Well, then – why don’t people look at the facts and just quit?


Generally people start smoking early in life, as a form of rebellion or to fit in with their peers.
Already conditioned by advertising, portraying smoking as cool or glamorous, they begin to form a habit.

When you create a habit of smoking, over the years cigarettes become linked to a
number of activities, times of the day and emotions.

  • At the end of a meal
  • If you’re feeling stressed
  • As a reward
  • Answering the phone
  • With coffee or alcohol
  • Being bored
  • Taking a break from work

And when you say to yourself ‘a meal’s not complete without a cigarette’ then you create a habit and a belief.

Those connections make people worry about cravings or what to do with their hands.
We’ll address all that so you don’t have to worry.


Most smoking cessation methods have limited success because they only deal with the physical aspect of quitting. Using hypnosis to quit smoking permanently is far more successful than any other method used – because it deals with your emotional connections to cigarettes and the habits you’ve created around smoking.

Cold Turkey is often a spur of the moment thing, and without preparation and a plan a high percentage of people who give up cold turkey fail. The emotions around the smoking habit need to be tackled or when the first stressful event or social occasion comes along people usually start smoking again.

Nicotine Replacement Therapies can help some people overcome the physical craving for nicotine but can also cause a range of unpleasant side effects. And unfortunately products like nicotine patches and gum do not address the emotional aspects of smoking.

Zyban and Champix, initially used to help people with anxiety, don’t address the habits and emotions surrounding smoking either. And the downside with the antidepressant pills is that your brain chemistry is altered and this may cause serious side effects.

Herbal Products, Acupuncture and Laser Therapy may be beneficial but it was difficult to find formal studies on their process or effectiveness.

Hypnotherapy deals with your unconscious, and is why it is so effective. It targets those emotional connections to cigarettes and the habits that have been created around smoking over the years. Most people have very few withdrawal symptoms with hypnosis and with replacement strategies in place, if they do, they have the tools to cope.

Over 93% of my clients are successful in one session. Using hypnosis with other powerful mind techniques, emotional links to smoking are broken. Old patterns and beliefs change quickly. And quitting becomes a whole lot easier than you think.

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“I became a non-smoker in 90 minutes – Michelle is a miracle worker – cannot thank her enough!!!!”


“I have been a long term smoker who has given up many times. Michelle’s style and approach really works and I would recommend her to anyone”


“I left Michelle’s office and haven’t had a craving since!”