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Stub out the Habit

Trying to quit smoking? What if with a gentle, relaxing process you could shift your thinking, change your habits and radically redefine yourself as a non-smoker?

Break Free

What if it was so easy that you left feeling happy and relieved that you’d
finally stubbed out the habit – quickly, easily and permanently?

In Just 90 Minutes

My unique process is so effective that in less than 90 minutes you can leave
the office, empowered and feeling great about yourself – walking out a non-smoker.

How it works

I work hard at what I do – so that you don’t have to. When I work with someone we do everything we can to eliminate the cravings, the feelings of deprivation, the anxiety, the feeling of needing a crutch.

I’ve crafted and polished what I say so precisely that it takes just 90 minutes for you to walk out of my office as a non-smoker. We’ll talk, you’ll answer some specific questions about why YOU smoke (because it’s different for everyone), and then you’ll enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation while I have a chat with your unconscious mind and change those habits into something positive.

That’s it. Most clients I never hear from again – until they send me a testimonial. They remain non-smokers and they move on with their lives. They are successful in stubbing out the habit. Some people need a little more. Or they run into an old problem in their lives and go back to their crutch. There’s no shame in that – just positive learning about how NOT to be. So if they need to come back, they’re welcomed. Because often it just takes a little tweak to cement the new habit in place so they can be successful.

And remember – over 93% of clients quit smoking in one session!

“I left Michelle’s office and haven’t had a craving since!”


“I have been a long term smoker who has given up many times. Michelle’s style and approach really works and I would recommend her to anyone”


“I became a non-smoker in 90 minutes – Michelle is a miracle worker – cannot thank her enough!!!!”


Let’s work together on stubbing out the habit today