Quit Smoking Melbourne Hypnotherapy

A relaxing process can shift your thinking, change your habits and radically redefine you as a non-smoker /non-vaper.

About Michelle

Your experienced, deeply committed and highly skilled hypnotherapist.

Practicing professionally since 2010 I’ve worked with thousands of people to help them quit smoking. I have specialist qualifications in smoking cessation and hypnotherapy. And having been a smoker, “I’ve been there are done that”. You can rest assured that I know what I’m doing.

dee diddlesdee diddles
23:07 26 Jun 24
I saw Michelle in 2021 and I haven't picked up smoking ever since- I was a pack a day smoker, smoking from a young teenager, and the moment I walked out that office it's just never been on my mind - highly recommend! The investment makes itself back almost instantly
Sonia HankovaSonia Hankova
06:12 14 Jun 24
UPDATE! Cigarattes, Alcohol and Coffee! Michelle is amazing; she made it seem as sipmle as a flick of a switch.Over 4 years as a non-smoker and still going strong! Quitting smoking was a breeze initially, but the first three weeks of emotional withdrawals were a rollercoaster. My husband and I (we did a session each on the same day) had plenty of 'lively discussions'. Thankfully, we kept reminding each other why we were doing it. Now, we never think of smoking, don’t feel like we’re missing out, and can’t believe we ever smoked. We wish we had met Michelle a decade earlier. Best money ever spent!Fast forward to over 2 years ago, during a very stressful period at work (I’m an educator), I turned to wine for stress relief. A glass quickly morphed into a bottle a day. Realising this was a bad habit, I visited Michelle because I needed a break. Since then, I've seen so much research highlighting the negative effects of alcohol on our physiology and psychology. I’m never going back, and I'm better for it. It was tough at first, but with Michelle's help, my subconscious kept me on track, reminding me that I am no longer a slave to alcohol.Most recently, I returned to Michelle to help me bid farewell to my beloved coffee. I was having an immune reaction to it – not severe enough to force me quit using willpower alone, but enough to be effecting my health. I had serious side effects for about 10 days after stopping, but not once did I even think about going to the coffee shop.With my deepest gratitude, thankyou Michelle! You have helped me live a better and healtier life. The work you are doing is important. I hope you continue to make a difference for people who struggle with their vices, for many years to come. xxx
Ollie KingOllie King
21:14 26 May 24
Michelle was extremely professional and reassuring of the process. From the initial consult, Michelle makes you feel at ease and does her best to understand all individual situations. At first I was skeptical and during the process thought this wouldn’t work as I felt I hadn’t entered a “state of hypnosis”. Again Michelle talked me through what I was feeling and explained everyone experience differs. I walked out of the session and haven’t picked up a vape again, it’s now been 4 months.Thank you so so much Michelle!
Silvo SternSilvo Stern
07:28 21 May 24
Giving up smoking was so easy with the assistance of Michelle. It is close to 4 months since my last cigarette and I am feeling so much better health and confidence wise. The process was so simple by just listening to Michelle for 1.5 hours in her controlled environment. Thanks once again.
Elizabeth BagustElizabeth Bagust
06:20 21 May 24
Michelle was professional, respectful and easy to get along with. She made me feel at ease while asking me questions about my routines and triggers. I listened to her speak about my smoking habit and undergo a gentle hypnosis. After walking out of her office I never smoked again and am still nicotine free to this day. Thank you Michelle for breaking the habit that I never could on my own! I owe you so much! Would highly recommend her!! 😍
05:25 21 May 24
I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to help with smoking addiction. Michelle was totally professional and her reasoning and explanations were clear. After my one and only session, I had no inclination to want to smoke. Nearly a year later, despite a few careless instances of 'falling off the wagon', my resolve remains.
David AllenDavid Allen
01:24 29 May 23
I visited Michelle this year for help with an addiction issue I was facing (not smoking). I found her welcoming, attentive, professional and direct. Being hypnotised was a new experience for me. I was mentally perfectly alert but physically relaxed to the point where I didn't feel a need to move. The therapeutic benefits of the session were obvious straight after. I felt a new sense of optimism. Michelle is a calm and incisive councilor and I left better equipped to tackle the issues I was facing.
reece cotterreece cotter
10:07 12 Jul 22
I had been a smoker of 16yrs and have tried many different methods of quitting smoking, none more successful and easy than hypnotherapy with Michelle. Michelle puts you at ease and makes the effort to get to know you, your reasons for smoking and reasons for wanting to quit to tailor the session personally to you. My partner and I have now been smoke free for 6 weeks and the thought of smoking doesn't even cross my mind, so happy we took this step. Thanks Michelle!
Belinda TurnbullBelinda Turnbull
00:45 10 Jun 22
Michelle is amazing. I have tried many methods and this is the one that has provided me the best results.She is really there for you, and the information asked prior to the session shows she has a real vested interest in you as an individual.If you are thinking about quitting then I wholeheartedly recommend you get in touch with her and watch your life transform for the better.Thankyou Michelle
Bernice MurphyBernice Murphy
22:07 08 Jun 22
I was keen to stop smoking, 50 years seems long enough really! Never been a huge smoker but you've got to give it to me for persistence. Had heard about success with hypnotherapy and was really pleased with Michelle's approach and her advice prior to the appointment. It's worked really well for me and hasn't been as difficult as I thought and I feel more confident each day that I'm no longer a smoker. Thanks Michelle much appreciated!!
Josh BellJosh Bell
05:05 09 Nov 21
I was a pack a day smoker for almost 30 years, 11 weeks after walking out of Michelle's office and I haven't smoked a cigarette since...Thanks Michelle!
Jason QuigleyJason Quigley
05:30 26 Jul 21
I had a great experience with Michelle and with smoking cessation. Highly recommend
Billie-Jane KilbyBillie-Jane Kilby
06:09 22 Jul 21
I'm so glad I went to see Michelle 6 months ago.I have not had a smoke since that day.I have also been saving what I spent on smoking Each week and so far have saved $5,200 dollars.I don't miss them.Michelle thank you very much for your help.
Michele VescioMichele Vescio
06:17 26 May 21
I had been a smoker for 17 years, and was initially quasi-skeptical of hypnotherapy. However, after only one session with Michelle, I have not even felt any triggers or urges to smoke in almost 5 months. As soon as I walked out of her office, I really knew that I was a non-smoker. I was incredibly surprised at the effectiveness of the treatment and the way it moved me through a space where I don't need to inhale smoke anymore. Michele was an excellent communicator pre- and post-treatment, and was a definite motivating and sincere presence during the process. I appreciate her practice and would highly recommend her services if you are ready to cease smoking. 10/10 all the way.
Leigh RogersLeigh Rogers
01:10 25 Mar 21
Michelle is SO LOVELY! She makes you feel really comfortable and the things she says just make sense. She can relate to you as an ex smoker, but is also realistic about hypnosis not being some kind of magic.While quitting smoking was not easy for me personally, I really feel like my session Michelle helped to reinforce that I could do it. I haven't smoked since our session (around 3 months now) and I was a full on chain smoker prior. I loved cigarettes and smoking and could not imagine my life without them. If you're really ready to give up and are prepared to put in the effort for the first 4 weeks then I definitely recommend a session with Michelle to help. While it wasn't a 'magic cure' for me, something definitely switched in my mind and my willpower was enough to stop for once.You just need to get through the first 4 weeks and it gets much easier. Now I no longer think about smoking all day and am starting to feel the health benefits of being a non smoker.
Stub out the habit

It’s easier than you think to quit smoking

Break Free

What if it was so easy that you left feeling happy and relieved that you’d finally stubbed out the habit – quickly, easily and permanently?

In Just 90 Minutes

My unique process is so effective that in less than 90 minutes you can leave, empowered and feeling great about yourself – walking out a non-smoker.

Stub out the Habit

It’s a wonderful feeling to not smoke. It’s made such a difference to my life. That’s why I’m doing this now. I have specialist qualifications in smoking cessation and hypnotherapy and, of course, ‘I’ve been there, done that’.

How to quit smoking

I’ve crafted and polished what I say so precisely that it takes just 90 minutes for you to walk out of my office as a non-smoker. 

We’ll talk, you’ll answer some specific questions about why YOU smoke (because it’s different for everyone), and then you’ll enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation while I have a chat with your unconscious mind and change those habits into something positive.

That’s it. Most clients I never hear from again – until they send me a testimonial. They remain non-smokers and they move on with their lives. They are successful in stubbing out the habit. Some people need a little more. Or they run into an old problem in their lives and go back to their crutch. There’s no shame in that – just positive learning about how NOT to be. So if they need to come back, they’re welcomed. Because often it just takes a little tweak to cement the new habit in place so they can be successful.

And remember – over 93% of clients quit smoking in one session!

Why Choose Michelle

No white knuckles. No cravings. No willpower. No kidding.

Quit Smoking Melbourne | Smoking cessation hypnotherapy

Take Control Today

It’s a wonderful feeling to not smoke. It’s made such a difference to my life. That’s why I’m doing this now. I have specialist qualifications in smoking cessation and hypnotherapy.


What My Previous Clients Say

“I became a non-smoker in 90 minutes – Michelle is a miracle worker – cannot thank her enough!!!!”
Quit Smoking Melbourne | Smoking cessation hypnotherapy
“I have been a long term smoker who has given up many times. Michelle’s style and approach really works and I would recommend her to anyone”
Quit Smoking Melbourne | Smoking cessation hypnotherapy man
“I left Michelle’s office and haven’t had a craving since!”
Quit Smoking Melbourne | Smoking cessation hypnotherapy